Please ensure that for the protection of other children, families and staff that you do not bring your child in unwell to the centre. This includes any contagious illness such as Chicken pox, Measles etc... Severe colds and thick yellow/green runny noses, diarrhoea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, head lice or fever.

Children must be kept at home if they are unwell until their condition is such that it acceptable for them to return to the centre and not put other children at risk.

Outbreaks of infectious diseases will be communicated to parents via email/kindyhub and the illness and infection log, available to parents at any time in the office.

If your child presents symptoms of being unwell staff will make them comfortable and notify the Parent/Guardian to come and collect their child as soon as possible. Staff will fill out an Illness Record documenting what has occurred during care. A medical certificate will need to be provided upon return to the centre.

If urgent medical attention is required, staff will assess the situation and act accordingly; Parent/ Guardian will be notified.

Please notify the centre director if your child has a medical condition, allergy or asthma. We will provide you with our medical conditions policy and you are required to complete a medical management plan with your general practitioner. All staff are made aware of the procedures to follow in the event of an incident.