All children’s Immunisation details must be provided to the service by supplying a copy of the child’s Immunisation History Statement or a conscientious objection letter. All children should have completed Immunisation records unless otherwise advised by medical opinion. Children who are not immunised will be excluded from care during outbreaks of some infectious diseases for their own wellbeing. These exclusion days incur the full fee.

Children that are not immunised are not eligible for the Childcare Subsidy or Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A.

Early Childhood Services must provide a report to the Department of Health stating the immunisation status of children enrolled, when requested to do so by the Chief Health Officer (CHO). See Reporting under-vaccinated children and Guidelines Strengthening immunisation reporting requirements.

Exceptions apply to children who have an approved medical exemption to a vaccine, have natural immunity to a specific disease, are on an approved catch-up schedule, or are identified as an exempt child because of a particular family circumstance.